We offer our customers services for SHARPENING and/or RECONDITIONING of blades and tools.

Among the services

  • SHARPENING of Linear Blades’ Cutting Edge
  • REGRINDING of Circular Blades and Rubber Rings
  • RUBBERIZING of existing Rings
  • REGRINDING of Scrap Choppers on the rotor, also by means of CALIBRATED SHIMS
  • REGRINDING or only TURNING of WELDING SHEAR CASSETTE Shear Blades with Repositioning of the cutting set up by mean of  CALIBRATED SHIMS and “LASER TRACKER” device Measurements
  • REFURBISHMENT of Hot Shearing Knives and plates on cassette
  • REFURBISHMENT of Pressbrake Top and Bottom Tools, HARDENED and UNHARDENED
  • MILLING and GRINDING Machining Service

By agreement between the parties, it is possible to arrange the service by appointment, in order to guarantee rapid execution times and limit the machine downtime.