Romani has more than thirty years experience in the field of heat treatment of metal parts. All systems are recently manufactured and characterized by high and advanced technology that allows to keep constantly monitored by use of computer systems the production process, recording every step, and filing the data in order to maintain a historical track of the parameters used in each job. Beside the heat treating of our products, we provide heat treating service to other companies.


  1. Nr 2 bell furnaces 12.000 x 3.500 x 2.500 mm
  2. Nr 1 vertical electrical furnace, length 4.500 mm, diameter 800 mm
  3. Nr 1 vertical gas furnace, length 6.000 mm, diameter 1.000 mm
  4. Nr 1 straigthening press, capacity 1.000 ton

Heat tratements available:

  • quenching + tempering
  • casehardening
  • stress relieving
  • normalizing
  • annealing
  • tempering
  • solution treatment
  • hardening